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Art Bookshops - Resources for Artists
This site is developing a list of good art bookshops. Starting with bookshops in London, the intention is to identify other good bookshops in the UK and other countries

Reviews of art bookshops

Art Basics

Favourite Books

Artists' Favourite Art Books
These are the favourite art books of people who read my blog - as suggested in January 2009.
Readers were asked:
(1) Do you have a favourite art book? (What is is it and why?) and
(2) Is there one book which had a huge impact on you and your work?

Drawing and Sketching - for all skill levels

The Best Books about Drawing and Sketching 
Do you want to learn how to draw?
Not sure which book to buy?
Want to find out which which are the best books about drawing and sketchin?

This site covers books - and book reviews:

  • for people wanting to learn to draw
  • about drawing at an advanced level - for people wanting to develop their drawing skills
  • about specific drawing techniqes and materials
  • about how to draw specific subject matter
  • about creativity and creative drawing
  • about sketching and using a sketchbook or visual journal
  • for those wanting to learn about drawing by masters through the ages

Composition - for Artists

The Best Art Books - Composition and Design

This site identifies leading art books about composition and design and includes reviews of art books about composition and design.

It's linked to my project about Composition and Design - Resources for Artists

Colour - for Artists

The Best Art Books - Colour
This site identifies leading art books about colour and includes art book reviews - for books about understanding colour, using colour, mixing colour.

It was created out of The Colour Project on Making A Mark and book reviews on the blogs of participating artists.


Artists Reference Books

The Best Reference Books for ArtistsThe Best Reference Books for Artists
Do you want to find out more about art and artists?
Do you find 'artspeak' just plain confusing - and want to know what that art term means?
Do you need a dictionary of artists?
Do you want to identify an artist's signature?

Book Reviews:

Art Genre

Botanical Art

The Best Botanical Art BooksThe Best Botanical Art Books
Learn about botanical art from the best botanical art books and botanical illustration books. Read reviews about which are the best botanical art instruction books - for those wanting to develop their skills in drawing and painting plants and flowers.
The Best Books about Botanical Artists & IllustratorsThe Best Books about Botanical Artists & Illustrators
If you love botanical art and want to know more about some of the important the artists - in the past and present - who have created botanical art and illustration then this is the site for you. Includes reviews of books about famous botanical artists and painters of flowers in the past and present.


The Best Books about Landscape Art
Do you want to learn about landscape art?
Do you want to find out which which are the best books about painting landscapes?
Do you want to know more about famous landscape artists?

This site covers books (and book reviews) and videos/DVDs - for people wanting to learn more about landscape art. Books cover:
  • how to paint landscapes
  • landscape art in different media
  • painting plein air
  • the history and development of landscape art
  • famous landscape artists - past and present
The Best Art Books about London and the River ThamesThe Best Art Books about London and the River Thames Do you like drawings and paintings of London and the River Thames? If you do then you'll want to review the best art books which show you places in London and along the banks of the River Thames.

Art Media

Coloured Pencils


    Art Journals

    Art History

    General Art History

    Botanical Art


    Japanese Art

    Contemporary Artists

      Art Business, Marketing and Selling Art

      The Best Art Business Books
      • Do you want to learn more about the business of being an artist?
      • Looking to improve your marketing of your art - and your sales?
      • Want to make the jump to full-time artist or illustrator but not sure what you don't know that you need to know?
      • Thinking about setting up and art gallery and looking for tips?

      If any of the above apply then this site has a book which can help
      Book reviews:

      The Art Library

      If you need a bookcase for all your art books.....
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