Saturday, 6 February 2010

What brands do you favour for backup?

In How do you archive your images? (MAM Poll Results) over on Making A Mark, I highlighted the different ways in which people archive their image files of reference photos and artwork (in progress; available, exhibited and sold).

How do you archive your images?
copyright Katherine Tyrrell / Making A Mark

Maybe you won't be surprised to know that 14% of the artists who responded had no back up organised at all! If their computer died - so did all their images on that hard drive.

I'm now moving on to the next stage and trying to demystify what's involved inbacking up images and I'm trying to put an information site together.

I'm now looking for help in terms of recommendations and warnings!

What I'd like to know is:
  • which brands (eg of external hard disc drives) are you happy with?
  • Have you found any branded backup device or software problematical?
  • Is there any particular hardware or software or digital vault website which you'd like to recommend
For the record I use:
  • Western Digital MyBook - for backup onto external hard disc drives which were 'best in class' when I got them = although it now looks like other brands are better
  • Flickr Pro account for online digital archivng (unlimited storage and no limits on uploads)
  • a variety of brands for archiving onto non-rewritable CDs
  • ScanDisc Ultra and Jessops for my secure digital/SDHC cards
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