Monday, 21 May 2012

Hemnes Bookcases - after the carpentry!

Three IKEA Hemnes Bookcases bolted to wall
Three IKEA Hemnes Bookcases - after the carpentry and bolting to the wall
my two pastel Artbins are demonstrating they can now stack/fit underneath!
This is the third in my saga about developing the ultimate solution for "The Art Library".  I decided in the end to have three of IKEA's Hemnes 90cm wide bookcase  on a different wall and one in another room.  The above is a picture of the three after a day's carpentry.  This was required because:
  • there is no way you should fill these bookcases full of books without fastening them to the wall.  As recommended by IKEA, they need to fastened securely to the wall.
  • my home was built in 1848 and has walls and floors which lean and lacks right angles which are 90 degrees
In the end we fixed on having a batten fixed to the studs in the lathe and plaster wall and then fixing the bookcases to the batten.  Sounds easy but the nature of the wall meant it wasn't quite so simple

Anthea, my carpenter, then also had to make the adjustments for the floor.  Over the years the joists have sagged which means that the right hand edge of the bookcase sits on the carpet while the left hand edge sits on a 3/4" block of wood - with the two uprights in the middle on gradated wood blocks inbetween.  It's still useful to have the adjustable feet for when I move - and they were very simple to operate even if we didn't put them to the ultimate test in the end!

The good news is that after all the adjustments, the three Hemnes bookcases all fitted together perfectly with no gaps.

The extra height on the left between the carpet and bookcase has also provided an ideal space for my two pastel artbin boxes which are an awkward size and shape for normal storage!

They are also completely rigid and there's no chance of them toppling when pulling out a heavy art book from amongst lots of other heavy books.  These IKEA bookcases still feel very solid and reliable for containing all my heavy art books.  Each shelf can take a load of up to a maximum of 30 kg of books.

Below is a photo taken about half way through the massive exercise of bringing all the art books back.  I'm still finishing the organisation of the third bookcase and will take another 'annotated' photo when done.

Three IKEA Hemnes Bookcases - half full of the Art Library
Bonus #1 - depending on how you look at it - is that my cat Cosmo can now jump from his usual perch on top of the door to a brand new high level run from where he can observe everything that's going on.  It also provides a launch pad for jumping down on our heads if we sit on the sofa now placed up against the bookcases!

Bonus #2 is I think I managed to lose two pounds while hefting heavy art books around the room three times!

The first two posts in this series about my quest for the ultimate solution for 'The Art Library' are:


Julie Douglas said...

oh, very well done, you must feel like a new woman! Must be the time of year, a spring clear-up is always wonderful!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing! I am inspired to improve my bookshelves now! :-)

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