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The Top Five Artists' Watercolour Paints in 2013

Personal preferences were expressed in the product review poll "Which are the best artist-quality watercolour paints? (2012 / 13)" on my website Which is the best brand of watercolour paint for artists?

The chart below records the results of 360 responses.

Derived from
Which are the best artist-quality
watercolour paints? (2012 / 13)


  1. Winsor & Newton - 27%
  2. M. Graham Watercolour Paints - 11%
  3. Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints - 10%
  4. Fine Schminke Horadam Aquarell - 9%
  5. Sennelier Aquarelle Extra - 8%
It's basically Winsor & Newton way out in front and then four brands - two American and two European - bringing in the next significant group of artist grade paints.

Those who are unfamiliar with M. Graham Watercolor Paints may be surprised they came second. However you should note:
  • Reviews of these paints generally provide high praise for the quality, saturation and lightfastness
  • 95% of those buying this paint from Dick Blicks would recommend them to a friend.
  • The Wilcox Guide to the Finest Watercolours gave high ratings to these paints across the watercolour range.
Below that most paints got little or no support of significance - although there is a good spread of those that did get votes

The chart below reflects the paints in the poll in alphabetical order - and indicates the percentage of the vote each attracted.

The ranking of different brands of paint - in percentage order - follows the chart

Ranking of Watercolour Paints

This is the final ranking for the 2012-13 Poll to identify
  • 27% - Winsor and Newton Artists Watercolours 
  • 11% - M. Graham Watercolor Paints
  • 10% - Daniel Smith Watercolor Paints 
  • 9% - Fine Schminke Horadam Aquarell
  • 8% - Sennelier Aquarelle Extra
  • 6% - Holbein Artists Watercolor
  • 3% - Royal Talens
    • Rembrandt
    • St. Petersburg Watercolors
  • 2%
    • Daler Rowney Artists Watercolours 
    • Kremer Pigmente Watercolors
  • 1% 
    • Da Vinci
    • Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Watercolor Paints
    • Grumbacher Watercolor - Finest
    • Lukas Aquarell
    • Maimeri Blu
    • Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors
    • Royal Talens - Van Gogh
    • Shin Han Premium Watercolors
The following paints failed to get a vote:
  • Art Spectrum Artists Watercolours
  • Blockx Extra Fine Watercolors
  • Holbein Irodori Antique Watercolor
  • Old Holland Classic Watercolours
  • Pebeo Fragonard Extra-Fine Artists' Watercolors
  • Robert Doak's Concentrated Watercolors
  • Stephen Quiller Watercolors
  • Utrecht Artists' Watercolors

I'll be posting a new Poll for 2014 in the next few days.

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