Friday, 4 May 2012

Hemnes Bookcase x 4 for "The Art Library" #1

I've lost count of how many art books I have.  I just know I ran out of bookcase space a very long time ago.  I've also now run out of stacking space on every spare bit of floor and flat space.

The thing is stacks fall over.  Plus I always want the book at the bottom of the stack.  It gets very tedious.

So the stacks have to go and so this week I invested in four new bookcases.  I'm hoping it will be  enough!

The bookcases I've bought are the Hemnes 90cm wide bookcase by IKEA.

Hemnes Bookcase - white
(Width: 90 cm; Depth: 37 cm; Height: 197 cm
Max. load/shelf: 30 kg
I had originally toyed with building a giant bookcase right across one wall - but this seemed a bit pointless given the plan is to move.

The idea is that these painted pine bookcases will give me the most flexible options for the future - and with adjustable legs they give me the best option re 170 year old floorboards right now!

This is the pre-assembly blog post.  I'm calm - I have a plan of action - and "he who must not be bored while I sketch" is going to help me put them together.

If it all goes to plan we should have two assembled, in the right place (after quite a lot of furniture manoeuvring) and full of books by the end of tomorrow.  Then it's on to the next two - after a short breather while I write a review of how easy they were to assemble.

[UPDATE:  See Hemnes Bookcase x 4 for "The Art Library" #2 - RESULT! for what happened next ]

PS  I also bought an Alex storage drawer unit for my art paper.  Just trying to work out at the moment whether I've bought the one on castors as intended!

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Robyn Sinclair said...

Doesn't matter what I do I always end up with a tiny piece left over. Once I thought I had it licked and then discovered I was actually missing a piece. Good luck.
That set of paper storage drawers looks fantastic. How I wish I had room for it.
Photos of assembled, filled bookshelves will follow, I hope.

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