Thursday, 15 April 2010

Book Review: Botanical Sketchbook

Botanical Sketchbook by Mary Ann Scott with Margaret Stevens

Title: Botanical Sketchbook

An In-depth Book Review of this book was first published here on 15h April 2010.
The complete text has now been moved to my new website
- see Book Review: Botanical Sketchbook on Botanical Art and Artists 

Synopsis: This book will provide inspiration to all those who aspire to become botanical artists. It is a record of one woman's development into a successful botanical artist. As part of the Distance Learning Diploma Course run by the Society of Botanical Artists, students are required to keep a sketchbook. The one kept by Mary Ann Scott was exceptional and prompted the idea for this book. Her book covers the exercises, colour charts and basic preparatory work for each assignment, plus the three works for her final portfolio.

Summary review: This book provides a masterclass for all aspiring botanical artists and is highly recommended. It will become an essential buy for all students of the Society of Botanical Artist's Diploma in Botanical illustration. It's also a recommended buy for all other aspiring botanical art students and artists and many of their tutors. It provides an excellent benchmark for the standard of botanical illustration and painting which can be achieved by an exceptional student. It also tells the story of how such excellence can be developed - through much practice and intelligent use of the botanical sketchbook. Read an interview with the author of Botanical Sketchbook - A Making A Mark Interview with Mary Ann Scott

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