Selling and Shipping Art

These are some of my resources for artists websites - based on squidoo.

Sell Art OnlineSell Art Online - Resources for Artists
Do you want to know how to sell art online - or improve your knowledge of e-commerce for artists? This site helps you find out about selling art via your websites, blog, shopping carts, auctions, online galleries, online stores, print on demand and email marketing and how to drive traffic to where you sell your art online.

Online Art Galleries and StoresOnline Art Galleries and Stores - Resources for ArtistsOnline galleries offer to help you sell your ORIGINAL ART - but do they actually work? Which is the best and which gets the most traffic? If you're trying to find out more about online art galleries this is the site for you! Do some research before you make a decision as to which online art gallery or print-on-demand service to use and AVOID BEING DISAPPOINTED with the choice you make.

Email Newsletter SoftwareEmail Newsletter Software - Resources for ArtistsAre you confused by the different software options for generating a newsletter delivered via email? You're certainly not alone - and this site is starting to try and sort out what are the free and paid options and how they compare. Plus tips on using newsletters and email.

Print Art on DemandPrint Art on Demand - Resources for ArtistsAre you interested in having your artwork printed using print on demand technology? Do you want to check out who are the suppliers and what people think of them? Find out about:
  • what is print on demand / publish on demand?
  • suppliers of print on demand services for art - and reviews
  • suppliers of print on demand services for printed publications (eg marketing materials and books)

Sell Daily PaintingsSell Daily Paintings - Resources for ArtistsDo you want to know more about how to sell daily paintings online - or improve your knowledge about the painting a day movement generally? Check out this site to find out about websites which aim to help daily painters to sell their art online.

How to pack, post and ship artHow to pack, post and ship art - Resources for ArtistsHow do you pack art? How do you post art? What about international deliveries? What about customs? How do you get it back again? This site doesn't pretend to have the answers to all the very many questions people have about getting art from artist to purchaser or from artist to exhibition and back again - but it's a start!
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