Saturday, 23 March 2013

Derwent announces NEW helical pencil sharpeners

I'm a huge fan of pencil sharpeners with helical blades.  These are the ones which have a helical blade - that's the one where the cutting edge of the blade spirals around a core.  The reason I like them is because they cut cleanly, efficiently and very effectively.  The best points I've ever got have been produced by a pencil sharpener with a helical blade.

Three years ago Derwent produced a battery powered helical pencil sharpener which I did not recommend.  There were just too many problems (see (Product review: Derwent Battery Operated Helical Pencil Sharpener

However having been through that experience, I know they were working hard to understand why the problems had occurred.  As a result, although I've not see one yet, I'm confident that this next batch will be much better.  This time they've kept the helical blade but gone for the old fashioned hand crank rather than batter power.

NEW Product - Derwent Helical Pencil Sharpener - Super Point and Super Point Mini
I've not seen one yet.  This is what you need to look out for.

NEW! Derwent Helical Pencil Sharpener - Super Point and Super Point Mini
(note the hand crank i.e. NOT battery powered)

Features and Facts

Features common to both sharpeners

  • each sharpener has a durable helical blade.  This SHOULD enable you to sharpens pencils to fine points typically used for fine detail work.
  • both sharpeners can take pencils up to 8mm in diameter 
  • Shavings are collected in a transparent sliding tray reservoir.  Derwent says this is easy to empty. 
  • each sharpener comes with a desk clamp.
  • both pencil sharpeners come with a hand crank (the old ones had battery power)
I haven't got a clue what this mean "The extendable front plate has a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point." as there are no photographs to demonstrate.  I think it means it has an auto-stop.

Super Point Manual Helical Sharpener

  • made of black metal which makes this both heavier and more robust
  • Super Point costs £21.95
Super Point Mini Helical Sharpener
  • lighter and a more compact shape
  • Super Point Mini costs £14.95

Beware of trying to buying these sharpeners on Amazon.  
  • The ones listed at present are the battery powered versions which I covered in my review - which simply are not reliable and do not work well.  
  • Look for the date the battery was introduced.  If it's not 2013 then it's one of the old ones.
Product reviews of Pencil Sharpeners

Below you can find my product reviews of pencil sharpeners.  I tend to err towards only reviewing products that I either do or do not recommend.

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