Tuesday 13 April 2010

Book Review: Botany for the Artist

Title: Botany for the Artist: An Inspirational Guide to Drawing Plants

An In-depth Book Review of this book was first published here on 13th April 2010. 
The complete text has now been moved to my new website 
- see Book Review: Botany for the Artist on Botanical Art and Artists

Synopsis: The emphasis of this book is on understanding the botany of plants and their different parts - roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, cones and seeds - and how to draw the botanical aspects of plants. Its focus is on finding ways to unpick and illustrate the functionality of the plant - how it's constructed and how it works.

Summary review: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I value the fact this book is written by an artist, writer and lecturer who is an expert in drawing and communicating rather than a botanical artist. It means she brings a fresh and expert eye to the challenge of how to draw plants from a botanical perspective and an excellent approach to communicating the key messages. The quality of the text and illustrations is first class and the whole book provides a fresh perspective on botany for the artist while losing none of the fundamental and enduring truths of what's required of botanical illustration.

Author / (Publisher) Sarah Simblet / Dorling Kindersley
Technical data: Publication Date: February 2010
Hardcover (with dust jacket) - 256 pages; Full retail price £25


Robyn Sinclair said...

Terrific review, Katherine. This is one for my Wish List.

dougm said...

Based partly on your review and a very strong recommendation by the Denver Botanic Gardens Botanical Illustration program, I got a copy. It is well worth the price and gives those details that help in doing accurate illustrations. Now I have to get her anatomy book.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Doug - it's always good to get feedback

I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Her anatomy book is also excellent - as is her drawing book!

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