Sunday, 16 January 2011

Which is your favourite make of hard pastels? (2010 Poll Results)

2010 POLL: Which is your favourite make of hard pastel?
on Pastels - Resources for Artists.

310 people voted in the 2010 Poll: What is your favourite make of hard pastels?

This poll shows which particular make of artist grade hard pastels was most liked by most pastel artists in 2010.  The pastels included were artist grade hard pastels available in 2010.  Some may be listed as soft - but in terms of the gradations of pastels overall - these are all the ones up at the harder end of the spectrum.  All pastels were listed in alphabetical order.

The four brands of HARD PASTELS were ranked as follows by the 310 people who voted in poll
  1. Prismacolor Nupastel 51.9%
  2. Conte a Paris 23.5%
  3. Faber Castell Polychromos hard pastels 19.4%
  4. Cretacolor Carre 5.2%

The poll has now been cleared and the image is of the results as at the beginning of January 2011

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