Saturday, 10 November 2012

Studio Product: IKEA Råskog Kitchen Trolley

IKEA is proving to be a very useful place for providing equipment suitable for artists' needs.  My latest find is a Trolley called the Råskog Kitchen Trolley

One of the challenges of drawing with coloured pencils is getting my kit organised.  First I got my pencils into white painting tubs.  Then I got an IKEA Lazy Susan so that I can access them easily - however it would be nice to have all my other drawing equipment as easily accessible and in one place.  I've been thinking of getting a trolley - and spotted this one in the new IKEA catalogue.

IKEA Råskog Trolley


Materials: It's made of steel with an epoxy power coating.  These are the assembly instructions

Dimensions: The dimensions when assembled are
  • Width: 35 cm (13.8 inches)
  • Depth: 45 cm (17.7 inches)
  • Height: 78 cm (30.7 inches) - that's the equivalent of desk height
Price: It's priced in the UK at £50 - in the USA it's $49.99.  I'm guessing VAT accounts for the rather wonky currency conversion.

Looking at it online, here are the pros and cons from my perspective

  • I love the turquoise colour! (who needs grey?)
  • the shelves have edges meaning that "stuff" does not fall off and everything is held securely within the space
  • ease of access to shelving - no need to pull out a shelf
  • tubs of pencils can be swopped around between the shelves depending on what is in use
  • the castors mean it can be moved easily
  • the website indicates that the middle shelf is adjustable - however I think they mean it's optional
  • Steel means it's robust and can be cleaned easily (helpful for those wanting to use it for paint)
  • its dimensions means it doesn't swamp the area when you have it out and it can fit in small spaces when you want to put it away
  • the castors also mean it can move inadvertently - there's no obvious locking device to keep it one place
  • the base of the shelves is meshed steel which I'm feeling a little ambivalent about.  Good for veggies and ideal for losing small items? (Probably need to use cartons within the shelves for small items/ things which roll)
I'd be interested to hear from anybody who has bought one and/or anything similar which they'd like to recommend.

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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you checked this out yet, we looked at it today. VERY sturdy, solid in fact. The wheels don't lock but it seems heavy enough for that not to be a problem. Bit steep though.

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