Saturday, 16 April 2011

Faber Castell Coloured Pencils - Ann Swan Selection

Ann Swan selection of Faber Castell Coloured Pencils

I got a pleasant surprise earlier this month when attending the Private View of the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists (Review: Society of Botanical Artists Exhibition 2011).  In the "shop" area of the exhibition were all the usual piles of books about creating botanical art - and next to them was a stack of tins which indicated they were a brand new set of coloured pencils by Faber Castell.

Faber Castell have teamed up with Ann Swan to create a set of 24 pencils specifically selected to go with her book about creating botanical art with coloured pencils (see Book review: Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils)Each of the tins has a special sticker on it - as per the illustration.

The colours chosen by Ann for this starter set of pencils are:  
  1. FC101 White
  2. FC103 Ivory
  3. FC102 Cream
  4. FC184 Dark Naples Ochre
  5. FC118 Scarlet Red
  6. FC142 Madder
  7. FC133 Magenta
  8. FC193 Burnt Carmine
  9. FC194 Red violet
  10. FC123 Fuchsia
  11. FC134 Crimson
  12. FC139 Light Violet
  13. FC138 Violet
  14. FC170 May Green
  15. FC168 Earth Green Yellowish
  16. FC172 Earth Green
  17. FC174 Chrome Green Opaque
  18. FC278 Chrome Green Oxide
  19. FC179 Bistre
  20. FC178 Nougat
  21. FC175 Dark Sepia
  22. FC230 Cold Grey I
  23. FC274 Warm Grey V
  24. FC273 Warm Grey IV

You can order the sets from Ann Swan for £30 plus P&P or buy them for the same price at the last day of the exhibition tomorrow - if there are any left!

Alternatively, if you're already using Faber Castell pencils you might want to check out your colours against those selected for the tin.

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