Saturday, 18 December 2010

Email List Building for Bloggers

This isn't so much a review as a recommendation to read the series of blog posts about List Building for Bloggers (#LBB)  written by Phil Hollows, the Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz .  This is an alternative to Feedburner for pushing out RSS feeds to subscribers which I use.

This series of posts are designed to:
  • help you get the most benefit from your blogging 
  • harness the power and capabilities of email and social media communications network - together with your blog - to build a list of followers.
These are the posts to date on the Feedblitz blog:

Get the basics in place first
  1. Why aren't Email Lists Dead in the Age of Social Media?
  2. Lists, Email Marketing and Your Blog
  3. Five Key Steps to Grow Your Blog's Mailing List
  4. Growing Your List: Accelerating Subscriber Growth
  5. Growing Your List: Improving Engagement
  6. Avoiding the Spam Trap 
Optimisation of your Mailing List
  1. Mailing List Underperforming? Optimize it with these Tips!
I've been reading them as they've been published and, while I wouldn't necessarily follow all the advice, there's lots and lots of good content and reminders of things you know but forgotten.

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