Thursday, 14 January 2010

Unison Pastels - Resources for Artists

I have a new resource for pastels artists!

The results of the opinion poll to find your favourite brand of pastel - which ran on Pastels - Resources for Artists from 2006 until this week - clearly showed Unison as being the most popular brand of pastels.

In honour of this achievement I've now created a new information site Unison Pastels - Resources for Artists. In this you can see
  • images of the full range of available pastel sets - some of you who are familiar with Unison may well be surprised by the range of sets which are now available
  • find out a lot more about them
  • obtain details of how to get hold of them via Amazon or regular suppliers of art materials in the UK and USA
...just click a link below and go straight to that topicto find out more

An invitation to review Unison Soft Pastels

I want to expand this new resource to include consumer reviews of Unison Soft Pastels by pastel artists.

If you've ever reviewed Unison Soft Pastels could please let me know and I'll add your review to this blog and to resource site. At present, I've included this review Pastel: Unison Review by Casey Klahn

If you've never written a review, aspects to consider for soft pastels include:
  • range of colours (tonality, saturation and brilliance/subtlety)
  • pigment load (and release)
  • how robust / how easy to break
  • how easy to blend
  • mark-making qualities and consistency on supports
  • 'feel' when making marks on different supports (and which support you find works best)
  • supports you've used and results
  • lightfastness - and tests you've done or changes you've observed when pastels are exposed to light
  • quality of packaging (sets only)
  • value for money (taking size and usability into account)
Comparisons with other pastels you are familiar with can also be helpful.
I'm particularly interested to receive reviews from anybody who has tried the special sets and those which only seem to be available in or from the USA.

Do let me know what you think either on this blog or the site itself.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unison pastels, the best in the World, as simple as that. Beautiful colours, as soft as butter, hand made, not extruded.
Somebody said 'they are the Rolls Royce of pastels'. I would agree with that.
Rudy, Sydney, Australia

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