Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The NEW 2010 Soft Pastels Opinion Poll

As announced yesterday, I now have a BRAND NEW opinion poll about artists' grade soft pastels for 2010 on Pastels - Resources for Artists

In order to evaluate how preferences are changing over time, I'm introducing an ANNUAL survey to see how artists are currently rating the available brands of soft pastels.

The old survey - which has now been archived - excluded new pastels which have emerged in the last three years. The new survey includes more options - with the different types of pastel made by each manufacturer now identified by name.

You can find the NEW survey here 2010 Poll: What is your favourite make of soft pastels?

The purpose of the polls is to identify which are the most popular soft pastels in 2010 - hence all past votes which applied to choices available in the past no longer apply. It also enables:
  • new brands to be reflected in the poll
  • people who have experimented with more brands and new brands since voting to change their preference if they want to
What this means is that all of you who voted on the first poll can now VOTE AGAIN! This time I want to know which brand - out of the ones which you use right now - is your favourite brand.

The poll can also provide feedback to the manufacturers about preferences which will hopefully provide an some incentive to continue with a good selection in the marketplace and products which continue to improve in both quality and lightfastness over time.

If any of the marketing people from the different pastel manufacturers are reading this and note that their new brands in the pipeline are NOT included please contact me with the date your product is due to be in the marketplace AND on your website.


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