Thursday, 31 December 2009

Product Review: Pastels by Bryan McGurgan

Product: Various soft pastels (Unison | Terry Ludwig | Diane Townsend) plus Conte crayons
Manufacturer / Distributor: Various small niche suppliers of soft pastels
Product Review by: Brian McGurgan BFA (Blog: Pastel on Paper)
Link to Product Review: Pastels
Target Audience: Pastel artists
Technical Details:
  • review of four brands of pastels
  • includes images of the pastels
Summary: Informative review of four brands of pastels - each brand gets a relatively brief review but content is good
  • covers brands of pastels which are less common
  • comments on shape of each brand, how to use them, what he uses them for and value for money
  • also comments on how he keeps and stores his pastels
Think Again?
  • for pastel artists and those interested in pastels only
Suppliers: None listed in review

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