Sunday, 22 November 2009

Widget reviews - Google Search on Blogger

Widget: "Google Search" widget on Blogger
Summary: Highly recommended for all those who use a search function often - like me. Essential for those who reference posts from their own blog and/or use their own blog to file details about a book or product for when they need it for future reference - like me! I'm finding I'm using it all the time.
Technical Details: Google Search Widget available from standard menu
Synopsis: Performs a Google search with several options for my blog and the wider world
  • very fast - much faster and more accurate than the normal Blogger search function
  • huge flexibility as to how I seach
  • standard options are to search my blog, the pages I link to or the web
  • additional options to search specific categories of links in my blogroll (see below to see an example of the search opportunities for this blog)
Think Again?
  • Unnecessary if you never ever search your own blog or those of other people. You might as well use your normal search engine for the rest.
Owner/Distributor: Google/Blogger - it's the second item in the list of 'basics' widgets
Suitable for: Anybody who has been blogging for a long time, has a substantial archive and likes to refer back to past posts - like me! Where you'll put it in your side column will depend on how often you want to search your own blog. It's a simple widget and it's now at the top of all three of my blogs

These are the options it provides for this blog. I've used some but not all but can change my options at any time. At present I've focused it mainly on my own archives and posts but I'm still experimenting with which seem the best options. I recommend you do the same as the best option will be very personnel and vary from person to person.

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