Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Call for reviews - NetworkedBlogs on Facebook

I've just put my main blog and this blog on NetworkedBlogs on Facebook.

I'm thinking of doing a review of this application at some future stage - from the perspective of artist bloggers on Facebook - and wondered if anybody would like to help out by offering your views (see questions below).
NetworkedBlogs is a facebook application. Think of it as a social network for bloggers inside facebook. Add a visual blogroll on your profile, and show of your blogs and blogs you like. NetworkedBlogs also aggregates the RSS/ATOM feeds from thousands of blogs and allows you to read the latest news selected by users like you.
Please only comment if you are an artist blogger on Facebook.
Any spam will not be published.

What I'd like to know

I'd like to hear about your reviews of this facebook application. You can use my basic queries listed below if that helps you. Please respond to as many or as few as you want to.

Accessibility and ease of use on installation
  • How long did it take you before you discovered this application
  • How did you find the installation of networked blogs?
  • What did you think of the verification process?
Practical impact
  • Has networked.blogs helped you to build a profile on Face book? (Do you have any numbers?)
  • If yes, what if any benefits has that brought you? (If none, please say so)
  • Specifically, can you tell whether it has helped with the marketing of your art? (Please say how)
  • If it has brought you no benefits do you know why that might be?
The Directory
  • What do you think of the blog directory generally?
  • Have you looked at and/or started to follow any of the top 50 blogs listed under any of the art terms eg art; design; illustration
  • What do you think about the Directory listing being limited to 50?
Do you like networked blogs?
  • What's your overall impression of NetworkedBlogs after using it?
  • Would you recommend it to other Facebook users?
  • Would you recommend it to other artists on Facebook?
Anything else? Do also feel free to comment on any other aspect not covered above.

1 comment:

Katherine Tyrrell said...

My own initial reaction is it's very slow after dinner in the UK

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