Monday, 18 May 2009

Product Review - Renaissance micro-crystalline wax polish

[UPDATE: This product review has now MOVED. The summary from the original post can be found below - the rest can be found at Conservation Products on my website dedicated to Art Business Information for Artists.]  

Product: Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish

Technical Details: A refined micro-crystalline wax with no acid component

Summary: A refined wax polish designed and formulated by the British Museum for the long term conservation and protection of museum exhibits. This product is now a universally respected standard conservation material because of its high quality and wide scope for use.

  • A high quality product researched, designed and used by the British Museum
  • Used by conservation framers
  • very easy to use and produces a soft sheen on wood


photoshop masking said...

Great review!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I actually phoned the BM after seeing this wax in an art store in Santa Fe, N.M. and a very nice chap was willing to tell me all the details I needed to know. I now wax my watercolors with it when I use Yupo or Aquaboard. Love the sheen.

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