Friday, 8 May 2009

Product Review: Moleskine Folio A3 Watercolor Album

Vivien Blackburn (Painting, Prints and Stuff) has reviewed the new large A3 Moleskine - Folio books - REVIEW. Click this link and visit her blog to read her review and see examples of what her work in this new Moleskine Folio Book looks like

Here's an overview of what she had to say.

Product: Moleskine Folio A3 Watercolor Album
Manufacturer / Distributor: Moleskine
Technical Details: The Folio A3 Watercolor Album is bound in cardboard, with a 'moleskine' cover having rounded corners and an elastic enclosure.

Size: 11 ¾ x 16 ½ in. (297 x 420 mm) / List price $40.00

The 60 pages of heavy, 200 gsm (25% cotton fiber) cold-pressed paper are thread bound, and the notebook includes an expandable pocket in the back made of cardboard and cloth. Each Moleskine journal has a ribbon placeholder and removable card with the history of Moleskines.
Summary: A new - and expensive - A3 sized product in the Moleskine product line. Designed for sketching in watercolour or fluid media on paper which is 11 ¾ x 16 ½ in (or 11 ¾ x 33" for a double page spread)
Suitable for: Artists who want to sketch using fluid/mixed media in a larger than average sketchbook
  • Paper takes liquid media beautifully and performs well when using watercolour, acrylics, acrylic inks
  • paper does not buckle when using liquid media and will also take a reasonable amount of scratching and working.
  • performs well when using coloured pencil, oil pastel and inktense over or with watercolour/acrylic/acrylic inks.
  • performs well when using Charcoal, Pitt Pastel Pencils, charcoal pencils, Tombo double ended water soluble pens and pencil. (not shown here)
  • paper is OK with watercolour pencils and Derwent Inktense pencils (although these probably work better on hot pressed, smooth paper)
Think Again?
  • An expensive product.
  • The paper is NOT the same as the Moleskine Sketchbooks
  • Only 25% is cotton fibre. Hence the paper is NOT the same as the Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbooks (small and large sizes) (these contain 72 pages of acid-free, 200 gsm, archive-quality (ISO 9706) cotton-fiber paper)
  • Coloured pencil can be used on dry/on its own but other papers will work better
  • There are cheaper alternatives if the paper is the equivalent of cartridge paper.


Harry Dickinson said...

Katherine Thanks for this review. These haven't yet made it to Australia where only the smaller sizes are available. As a watercolour/gouache sketcher/painter I find the paper unsatisfactory: too absorbant; but sometimes have to use them because of the limited range of watercolour sketchbooks available here. I prefer a hot pressed surface and my favorite is the Sennelier Grand Rouge in it's smallest postcard size which seems now to be almost unavailable. Your reviews of materials are especially helpful where many local retailers seem to be reducing their range and aren't in a mood to try very much that's new. I wish Moleskin could have come up with a version of their very nice sketchbook paper suitable for water media.

vivien said...

Using a lush new very large sable brush the paper did buckle :>( not a lot but enough to be a nuisance, so I add a slight reservation to my comments about not buckling - don't use very wet washes with this book.

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