Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ampersand Panels reach the UK - at long last!

Virtually the complete range of Ampersand panels are now available in the UK - from Jackson's Art Supplies.  

They are the business!  There are surfaces for every type of art medium (see below) and some work work well with more than one media.

These are the ones which are now going to be available in the UK:
I've imported Pastelbord in the past from the USA. It's a great surface to work on and I love the fact you can prder it in different sizes and colours. However what is so very impressive is the rigidity of the board and the fact it does not warp in any way and they can be framed without glass so long as the surface is robust (eg oil and acrylics) or sealed with a varnish (e.g. watercolour and coloured pencils).  Plus all the boards are eco-friendly and safe for artists to use.

For your further information on the Ampersand website there is

We highly recommend using thin washes of acrylics on Claybord. Or, try Gessobord for a less absorbent panel or Pastelbord for a surface with more texture and a toned ground.
Claybord is ideal for airbrush.
Ampersand recommends Claybord with this medium.
Claybord and Gessbord are both appropriate for use with casein.
Use egg tempera on Claybord. Compare with panels you are preparing yourself.
Encausticbord is made for the unique demands of encaustic painting.
We recommend Aquabord for use with gouache.
Use graphite and colored pencils withClaybord.
We recommend Claybord with inks because they can be easily erased and manipulated.
Use Claybord with markers and frame without glass.
We recommend Gessobord for use with oils. Claybord may also be used but is very absorbent..
We recommend Pastelbord for working with all types of pastels.
Use Scratchbord as a professional alternative to scratchboard paper.
Use Aquabord, similar to cold press paper, for very wet watercolor washes.
Do also:
Ampersand Panels are  hugely impressive - and I'm sure a lot of artists are going to want to try them for themselves.

NOTE: A more limited range of Ampersand Panels are also available from Ken Bromley Art Supplies.

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Unknown said...

I've painted on Ampersand panels for years, here in the U.S. I like the cradled gesso board panel for painting oil on panel. Glad you got them in the U.K.!

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