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Arches Huile Oil Paper, Paper Rolls and Paper Pads - reviews and prices

Arches Oil Paper Pad (140 lb x 12 sheets)

Below you can find
  • a video by Professor Steve Levin and Canson about the Arches® Oil paper: A new paper for oil painting
  • links to reviews of the Oil Paper and Oil Paper Pads introduced by Arches.
  • details of suppliers and the prices they've got for the different types of Arches oil paper on their websites as of today's post. It includes both UK (£sterling) and USA ($American) so be careful which one you're looking at

Noted characteristics of the paper are:
  • 100% cotton paper - thus much lighter than all normal supports for plein air painting
  • paper is deckle edged 
  • NOT-type surface 
  • range of alternative sizes - from pads to paper to rolls
  • ready to use
Comments about performance include
  • eliminates the need for preparation
  • easy to cut to different sizes
  • easily rolled for transport
  • strong paper - does not degrade when scrubbed
  • capable of taking oil paint without medium or thinners; paint and pigment stay on the surface of the paper and do not sink into the paper - hence no need to prime with gesso
  • can take a lot of solvent - which doesn't leak through paper or under tape - plus paper does not buckle when wet
  • absorbent - but views as to how absorbent it is very much depend on what people usually paint on; experience seems to be generally similar to painting on primed canvas
  • paint takes the same time to dry as other surfaces
  • possible to combine oil paint with other drawing media
  • oil paper pads provide a backing which means no need for a board to paint on 'en plein air'
  • great for oil sketches
  • needs to be framed under glass (that's because framing relates to the nature of the support as much as the media used)

Reviews of Arches Huile Oil Painting Pads


These are the art supplies people who have it in stock - and the prices they're charging

9 inches x 12inches
12 inches x 16 inches
22 inches x
30 inches
1.3 x 9.15 metres
51 inches x
10 yards
No. of reviews
on site


4 reviews

4 reviews

rated 4.7
(3 reviews)

rated 5.0
(3 reviews)
(pack of 10 sheets)


Remember to check out the cost of shipping goods to you. (Not included above as it depends where you live and how big your order is)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention. It's also great for watercolour like experimentation too. See this one...

Turps dribbles on Arches Huile

I ordered some more yesterday too, sadly I don't get given free samples! Are you reading Monsieur Arches?However it's pretty economic as you can flip the paper over too and try again

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