Saturday, 28 May 2011

Places to buy Pochade Boxes in the UK

In my new guise of "about to start learning to paint in oils" (see Learning how to paint with oils in Provence),  this is a quick reminder for me of the places in the UK which sell Pochade Boxes online. 

Julian Large Paint Box
There's nowhere near as many places as there are in the USA. However these ones looked like they'd be worth investigating.
These all vary in size and design but all work principally to the same principal of providing a compact way of providing a way to paint plein air at the time as transporting paints, brushes and other relevant material.
    You can see a video of the very small Julian Pochade Box below

    Note also that Julian also sell in Julian - Accessories
    • a carrying case with adjustable dividers
    • the hard to find painting umbrella


    Robyn said...

    Oh that Thumb Box is so tempting! Hate to think what it costs. No, I am not going to look! I'm not!

    Julie Douglas said...

    I smiled at your Learning to use Oils. I started almost 2 years ago, and realize that I'll be learning all the-rest-of-my-life...!! How delicious...

    Katherine Tyrrell said...

    No you definitely shouldn't - not a bargain although I'm sure it's very well made

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