Thursday, 16 September 2010

Daniel Smith's Watercolor 66 Try-It Color Sheet

Sometimes a manufacturer comes up with a new idea for how artists can try out their products which just make you nod your head and say "Yes!"

This is one of those - and it comes to you courtesy of DANIEL SMITH.  This Try-It Sheet contains 66 paint-able "dots" of pure DANIEL SMITH Watercolor.

I particularly like the fact that each colour is listed with information about:
  • its ASTM Lightfastness rating 
  • whether it is staining or non-staining
  • information about the extent to which it granulates
  • whether it is transparent, semi transparent/opaque or opaque
You can either use the sheet as a reference for when you are choosing which watercolour paints you want to use from the DANIEL SMITH watercolor palette.  Or you can just wet the dot with a brush and try out the paint.  Or both!

I've no idea how long this Try-It Sheet has been around, but I think Daniel Smith has just ramped up the "information for watercolour artists" stakes - in a very good way.

Thanks to Billie Crain on Facebook for drawing this to my attention.


DANIEL SMITH sent me a message to (1) thank me for this blog post and (2) tell me that they have posted two useful videos relating to this product on YouTube - so here they are:

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Teresa Cassidy said...

I love these Try-It Dot Sheets.You can either cut out each dot with it's info and staple each to a page (or 1/2 page) of a watercolor journal, like the company says in their videos. That way you can reference each color, play with it, mix it, see what it does, and have a great reference to go to. I use it as a "take along" sheet of portable paint when I'm out and about and painting small things, like cards. The paper the dots are on is not sized and quite absorbent. To preserve as much color as I can, I keep the sheet whole and paint out a bit to visually ID each color. Then I use an water based sealer and coat the back of the sheet, let it dry completely and then coat the front around each dot. It didn't take long at all and now the paint dries on top of the paper and doesn't soak in to be lost. I taped the sheet down when I did this and the uncoated edges allow the paper under the dots to dry completely.
The absolute best in tiny portable palettes with the very best paint going!

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