Monday, 24 May 2010

Product Review: Derwent Pocket Pencil Wrap

I've been testing the Derwent Pocket Pencil Wrap and have to say I'm very impressed. It's rapidly becoming a favourite bit of kit for a minimalist approach to sketching. As you can see from the photo it's become very well used very quickly! The solution to the marks on the canvas - which bother me not one jot - is to turn the pencil the other way round as shown in the packaging. I just prefer to have my pencil points up top!

I'm an inveterate buyer of pencil cases and pencil wraps - I'm always trying to find 'the perfect one'! I also had Derwent's bigger pencil wraps for more pencils so was familiar with the product and was keen to try this new version out - as a potential solution to the 'what do I take when I only want a few pencils and a small sketchbook in a pocket?' question

The pocket pencil wrap was launched in March and you can find my review below.

RECOMMENDED Product: Derwent Pocket Pencil Wrap
Summary: a canvas wrap which holds up to 12 pencils and pens. Suitable for slipping in a pocket with a small sketchbook
Technical Details:
  • made of a very sturdy grade of canvas
  • leather look edges
  • folds in two and fastens with a velcro fastening
  • capacity for 12 Derwent pencils or alternates
Who should buy this?
  • artists who sketch
  • artists who like putting all their sketching kit inside their jacket and trouser pockets - like David Hockney - will love it!
Who should not buy this?
  • artists who never take their pencils outside their home
  • artists attending a coloured pencil workshop (only because you'll likely want to take more than 12 pencils and there are bigger pencil wraps!)
  • thick canvas wrap helps protect pencils
  • flap over pencils helps keep them safe and stops them falling out. You don't need to worry which way you put it in a pocket
  • compact size makes it very easy to take pencils out; very easy to slip inside a jacket or trouser pocket or small bag
  • velcro fastening works well so long as you don't overfill the pencil wrap
Think Again?
  • pencils mark canvas if points are uppermost - it doesn't bother me at all. If it is likely to bother you then the simple solution is to invert the pencils
  • also of interest to people who want to take any sort of drawing implement out of their studio - it doesn't have to be a pencil!
  • it does NOT come with pencils
Manufacturer / Distributor: Cumberland Pencil Company / Derwent
  • supplied to me by Derwent as an item to review;
  • available from Derwent retailers. Online Retailers include: Heaton Cooper; Artifolk

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vivien said...

I like the fact that you aren't slotting each one into it's individual compartment - who has time for that????

It looks good.

Making A Mark said...

It makes it more flexible as to what you can get in. Some drawing implements are on the thin side!

Patricia said...

This looks like just what I need! I hope it will be available in the U.S. soon. I did a quick search and it doesn't appear to be sold here -- yet.

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