Wednesday, 3 March 2010

London Graphics Centre Closing Down Sale

You probably reacted the same way as me when you read the headline. It certainly made me open my email.

It turns out that the London Graphics Centre - which has four art shops in London - is closing down its Putney branch at 254 Putney High Street. If you can get to the store you might be interested to know the offer is 50% discount off EVERYTHING between now and the end of March. The store is very focused on serving the graphics community as well as artists and their stock reflects this fact.

However this is a sign of the times.

B&M retailers of art materials are heavily under pressure from online suppliers - and even more so in a recession. Art stores need to keep on top of their overheads right now if they are to stay competitive and in business. In such situations retail outlets always tend to get 'shaved'.

However online suppliers would do well to remember that if all B&M stores went out of business there'd be a lot fewer spur of the moment purchases which lead to longer term purchases online!

The London Graphics Centre also provides a 'normal' online ordering facility for:
I've found over the years that LGC leans a bit too much towards graphic supplies for my taste. They stock good quality art materials from reputable manufacturers but they can be a bit boring and really aren't in the same league as Green & Stone or Cornelissons (see My Favourite Art Shops - Resources for Artists) when it comes to salivating potential!

Tomorrow I'll give you a peek at the way in which different types of retailers are faring in the UK and the USA

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