Thursday, 16 April 2009

Reviewing the reviewers!

One of the the things I'm going to do once this blog has got off the ground is highlight some of the other good blogs which are also doing reviews of art books and/or art products.

However Teoh Yi Chie of Parka Blogs has got there first and done a review of this blog in Making a Mark Reviews!

For those who'd like to know more about Parka Blogs, as Teoh Yi Chie says his speciality is books relating to art in comics, animation and movies. I've been keeping an eye on it a while now and they're good reviews!

This blog is going to have very specific blogrolls for book reviews and product reviews in the side column.

I know I've not got them all in there yet so do please feel free to suggest any which you think merit a mention

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chia said...

Hi Katherine,

Unfortunately I failed to find your review site before starting my own! I'm also a huge fan of books and have been buying more drawing books than doing actual drawing :p I also have been trying to write more although until recently this was only limited to science/biology... Anyway that was how Art Books Reviewed got started! (

I have been following Parka blogs for a few months now, and I thought I could fill in the gaps (that was before I found your website). But like you mentioned, a couple of opinions on the same books is a good thing... I'll certainly refer readers to your website for reviews of books that I don't have (and since I'm just starting out, I have very few!) Combined, we might be able to cover all the art books on the market!!!

Thanks for your reviews and your art! There's so much to read it'll take me days to finish :)

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